I really cannot imagine paying federal taxes; without a madding extremist resentment. It’s hard enough paying the nut jobs running the state government here. I sincerely sympathize with folks who are irreversibly tied to the system. Forced to pay in against all personal better judgment. Irreparable damage has been done to the good faith of a vast majority of citizens. Bend over for the rest of them. So inconceivably ugly from top to bottom.

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WATCH IT: Fauci, DC Mayor Bowser rejected as they sell COVID vaccine door-to-door


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This is outrageous. According to the Daily Mail 16 March 2023, the United States now has the LOWEST life expectancy in the G7. In fact, at present, we are not even in the top 50.

That is because big Pharma and our own government is killing us.

Time for Nuremberg 2.0.

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Good grief, tell me this is not true?

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I know these are off-topic, but they puzzle me why besides ringing the US Coast with stupid Windmills, Oil Platforms would be restricted. They put the Windmills next to the platforms to cover their oil leaks, and they can blame the oil companies, Hide the Whale kills. Land-based has American Bald Eagle Kills to hide beside the oil leaks. The FT Bliss one would need extensive and expensive to hunt down the ordinance, I don't buy the reasons given other than the Federal Government now has control of millions of more off-limits acreage. The governor of the state where the other knew nothing about the Native American site. I'm not finding other info but the enviro wacko stuff. It is a Massive seizure of land in the name of Green and Enviro Wackos. And will put debt on the American Citizens.

Native American https://www.thewildlifenews.com/2023/03/21/biden-designates-two-national-monuments/


Castner Range, located at the Army base Fort Bliss, served as a training and testing site for the Army during World War II, the Korean War and the Vietnam War until it closed in 1966. The range includes archaeological sites, some prehistoric, that feature cave etchings made by Native Americans and stone shelters built by ranchers more than a century ago. The terrain is filled with Mexican yellow poppies, and serves as a habitat for the checkered whiptail lizard, desert cottontail and Western desert tarantula.

It has also been littered with thousands of rounds of unexploded ordnance. Once the area is made safe for public access, Castner Range is intended to expand access to nature for the historically underserved communities bordering the range, according to a White House statement. In the 1950s, Kerouac extolled the view from the range in “The Dharma Bums,” writing of seeing “all of Mexico, all of Chihuahua, the entire sand-glittering desert of it, under a late sinking moon that was huge and bright.”

oil/wind https://www.eenews.net/articles/biden-admin-advances-va-and-n-y-offshore-wind-projects/

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I gotta admit, those gov folks and ceo's spend alot of time in mock/show meetings, when the findings are prescribed. Talk about wasted hours. It's kinda funny when you think about it.

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