Excellent read and so true. Overcoming of our desperately bad educations is a life long effort, lol. Most educations are deliberate and forced education by the State. Schools look like prisons because they are.

The only beneficial education is one free of the Nanny state Prison Administration. And a real genuine education is fundamental to being a responsible citizen or adult.

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Bill Gates made his billions by stealing Q-DOS, a ripoff of CPM, and copyrighting the MSDOS he'd changed it to. The federal regime requiring document submissions in Word format also helped. "Capitalism" is a sham, and does not mean "free market". The same people who created Communism created it.

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One of the best articles I've ever read. Thank-you!

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Top shelf.

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Besides those HYPERACTIVE DRUGS, what would cause a 6-year-old, a 1st grader to bring a handgun to grade school and shoot 1 specific teacher? The original article said the other children were HERDED into a Gym, to me besides the addictive drugs with Homicide/Suicide side effects, it was Very Dumb to put the rest of the 550 students into a gym where they were in greater danger. Newport, VA.

The later articles are nearly a carbon copy of this one.


LIBERAL https://bestneighborhood.org/conservative-vs-liberal-map-newport-news-city-area-va/

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