Exactly! Thank you for the refresher.

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You are very welcome. They're laughing in our faces and getting away with it! ENOUGH!

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The Rainbow Jihad Comes For The Christians

Christianity and the Rainbow Jihad — that coalition of pagans, perverts, pedophiles, atheists, and abortion fanatics which marches under the “Pride” flag in their unholy war to supplant the dominant religion of the West.


Audrey Hale was not confused — she knew which side she was fighting for. That’s why she left behind a manifesto rather than a suicide note. It’s a manifesto that the LBGT “community” doesn’t want anyone to read for obvious reasons. Why would a tiny minority of transvestites announce a hot war with the well-armed Christian majority in America?

They’re crazy — not stupid.

But it’s time for that complacent Christian majority to face facts: the LBGT’ers definitely want to dominate and supplant you if you won’t affirm them. Not “affirming them” is a crime in their eyes —and that crime justifies your murder.


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Dead on Gail. I did read the Emerald post.

(How fast can you say those "p" words together?)🤔

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My email to my legislators: I am a Tennessee resident of over 45 years. I cheered the day we through off the Democrat yoke. The first time since the Civil War.

The Transgenders Militants are arming themselves and training Military style, even Twitter was forced to remove those posts. PUT ARMED GUARDS IN ALL SCHOOLS IN TENNESSEE. HARDEN THE SCHOOLS. MORE ALARMS IN CLASSROOMS. SO A 9-YEAR-OLD DOESN'T GET KILLED PULLING THE FIRE ALARM IN THE HALL. It's not the size of the school, as this Transgender proved, it's the security present, He/she's first target had too Much security, so chose a school with no security. 3 nine-year-olds died, and 3 senior adults; including Evelyn Dieckhaus pulled the fire alarm. Police had to walk over her body. This was not only killing Christians but Suicide by Cop.

I hope the Nashville Metro police copied her/him's manifesto before handing it over to the incompetent FBI to be REDACTED. Where are the other 7 guns he/she had? What were they? Has a knowledgeable firearms expert examined the Modified weapons yet? Does it break State or Federal laws?

Then the Militant Trangenders attacked the Kentucky and Tennessee Legislature and planned to march ARMED ON SCOTUS in DC on April 1, 2023.

Biden won't declare them terrorists, he did laud them 3 days later. Biden Issues 'Transgender Day of Visibility Proclamation 3 Days After Nashville School shooting.

If our Federal Government won't do their jobs, the States Must! CONSTITUTIONAL CARRY IS A MUST.

Mother of a Murdered Child by a Sociopath, Plea Bargained from M1 to M2 by Bill Gibbons, served 8.5 years out of 20 years only because I fought 6 parole hearings.

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Controversial group behind 'Trans Day of Vengeance' raised money for firearms training


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WOW! Thanks. Good eye. Funny how you get the truth about what's going on in America from foreign news outlets. The Daily Mail is a good source.

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Great compendium of leftists inciting the violence.

".... Like a standard Tell-U-Vision program, Wikipedia [in]forms the pickled brain dopes that there is no such thing as violence from the left. Violence only comes from the right. It is actually (evil) brilliant. By making 'violence' only a right-wing thing by fiat, it is your civic duty to castrate children, thus reducing the population to save the planet. Be Happy - Clappy, and get your Green New Deal Pop-Up Posters and More." From Frederick R., Smith - https://frederickrsmith.substack.com/p/libs-of-lazy-legacy-media

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Thank you. Great compendium on your part in your essay!

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Law for thee, but not for me.

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As usual. It's about time for a change!

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Grants Reveal Feds' Horrific Plans To Censor Americans’ Speech


Alvin Bragg's End Run Around the Constitution - American Thinker


Trump: Manhattan DA was paid ‘EXCESS OF ONE MILLION DOLLARS’ by George Soro


They forgot to tell you that ChatGPT is woke - American Thinker


Silicon Valley Bank Gave $70 Million for 'Social Justice'



Biden Targets Washing Machines w/ Another Climate Alarmist Edict, WHO REMEMBERS OBAMA'S 2 FLUSH TOILETS. THAT ONLY TOOK CERTAIN EXPENSIVE TP?

Despite feedback from appliance manufacturers warning that the proposed changes would simultaneously lead to higher costs for consumers and also leave their clothes dirtier, Biden’s Energy Department defended their boss’s latest cave to the Left.


Louisville, Colorado This blue city wants to ban new gas and auto service stations over climate change


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