Hi, I’m David Wolosik.

I was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I had a variety of job experiences, performing each with pride. Newspaper boy, caddie, grocery clerk, scientific glass blower, landscaping, real estate salesman and electrician/construction worker. My most recent occupation is the honor of caretaker for my wife, Linda, who I have been with for 37 years now.

We both loved living in Pennsylvania. One of my favorite memories still is the smell and beauty of fall. We've traveled to Cape Cod, Florida, the Outer Banks, parts of the north-east and the mid-west, with many cherished memories.

After reading and watching Larry McMurtry's "Lonesome Dove", Linda thought maybe we should think about moving west to Montana. Pennsylvania winters were growing increasingly worse and unpredictable, and after rewiring an asphalt plant in January with a high temp of 15° where we had to heat diesel so we could turn on jet heaters, I agreed. We sold our house and put everything in storage, boarded our horses and started our journey. It's the oddest thing that most people never move more than 18 miles from where they were born, except for vacation. Family and friends were alarmed. One of Linda’s young co-workers was horrified and had pictures of " Little House on the Prairie" in her head!

Our trip to Montana turned into a 3 month journey all the way to the Pacific, stopping in Indiana, Iowa, Wyoming, South Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Oregon and finally settled in Washington state near the Canadian border. So many things we saw and people we met that we will carry in our hearts always. Two high points were Mt. Rushmore and Yellowstone. They both take your breath away and as an American you owe it to yourself to see both!

I have always been a student of history, particularly American. Quoting Benjamin Franklin, "if a sparrow cannot fall to the ground without His Notice, is it probable that an Empire can rise without His Aid?" All the genius. All the improbable events. Lincoln was correct in saying no power or powers combined would ever destroy us. We would do it ourselves. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, there is nowhere else and we owe it to our Founders, all who have fought and died for it on down to our children's children to save it.

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I love America. You should too. When our Founders created this country, they had a vision of what they thought it should be and look like. Washington in his Farewell Address for example, was horrified at the prospect of forming political parties, since he believed that forming political parties would divide and destroy the young United States.

My objective is to put together in one place, a guide to show you what it is to be an American, as our Founders envisioned and intended, as opposed to what we are seeing transpire today. Together, we can preserve and defend what was handed down to us for our children and grandchildren, and all those who choose to come here and be Americans in every sense of the word.

I genuinely appreciate all of my subscribers and others who read my writings and share them. The message that we need to save our Republic is a vital one and I gladly do my part. It is essential we understand what vision the Founders had for our country based on the Declaration, Constitution, the Federalist, anti-Federalist papers and other writings if we are to correct what is happening today. I am making paid subscriptions available for those who would like to support my work.

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