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Revisiting The First Amendment. What the Founders Actually Meant In Light Of How We Are Seeing It "Misappropriated"

The Christmas Truce Of 1914

Remembering American Exceptionalism On The 120th Anniversary Of THE FIRST Powered Controlled Human Flight In History

A Monumental Day Worth Celebrating! The Ratification of The Bill Of Rights And The Naturalization Ceremony Of American Citizens

The Truth Behind The Malheur Wildlife Refuge Standoff? The Hammond Family And Other Ranchers Had Unconstitutional Atrocities Committed Against Them By Their Government Neighbors

The Truth Behind The Bundy Ranch Standoff? It Was Actually About A $5 Billion Chinese Solar Farm And Facility Deal

Biden Thinks He Can Shut Down Wyoming. How The Government Unconstitutionaly Acquired So Much U.S. Land

My Most Memorable Experiences Being A Hunter. Some Were Very "Interesting"

What I Learned Being A Hunter

Health and Human Services CAN'T FIND 85,000 Minor Age Migrants Under Their Care And "Don't Give A Ripping Flip!"

Sunday Funny. Watch To The End

Biden,The Gift To Iran That Keeps On Giving

The Curious Obsession Obama And Now Obama/Biden Have With Iran

EXACTLY What I Meant By "Be Ready"

Revisiting The Second Amendment

Yes, The Palestinians Are Victims, But Not For The Reasons You Are Being Told

"Elderly Woman Escapes Nursing Home, Rants About Deprogramming The Populace"

Jan. 6 Protesters Have Actually Been Charged And Jailed For Violating An Old Corporate Fraud Statute Regarding Evidence Tampering

School Principle now Congressman actually committed a felony by interrupting a vote of Congress

Using The Law To Break The Law

Using logic, The Absurdity About Climate Change In Memes

The Curse Of "Experts" Part III

The Most Forgotten Yet Important Holiday, Constitution Day

The Curse Of "Experts" Part II

The Curse Of "Experts"


Update On "It's Officially Fire Season Again!"

Michael Byrd, The Cop Who Murdered Unarmed Ashli Babbit PROMOTED To Captain

Questioning Discrepancies I Found About Lahaina Weather. Open To All Input

Putting Aside Differences To Fight A Common Enemy

All Roads Lead To Obama Part II

All Roads Lead To Obama

It's Officially Fire Season Again!

Newly Released Video On The Other Female Protester Murdered On Jan. 6, 2021, Rosanne Boyland

Understanding Your Enemy To Win The War Part II

Understanding Your Enemy To Win The War Part I

First, Remove The Plank In Your Own Eye

July Fourth Is Independence Day!

What Did You do Today That Really Mattered?

Is The Rule Of Law Dead In America?


Our Ignorance Of The Constitution and Bill Of Rights Is Destroying Us!

Sunday Not So Funny: 81 Million Votes My Ass!

Standing Up For Your Beliefs And Not Backing Down Regardless Of The Cost

Air Force Simulation Sees A.I.-Enabled Drone Turn on U.S. Military, ‘Kill' Operator

One Of The Biggest Illegal Land Grabs In U.S. History And NO ONE Cares!


The Poor 14th Amendment

Sunday Funny: Stupid Humans Taunting Wild Animals

E Pluribus Unum, (Out of Many, One) Part 2

Happy MOTHERS Day!

E Pluribus Unum, (Out of Many, One)

While We're Distracted By Budweiser Commercials, China Is On The Move

Today Is The National Day Of Prayer

Constitution 101

What is a Woman? What is a Man?

Texas Supplying ATF With Income of Residents for Warrantless Monitoring

Won't Get Fooled Again

Biden Wants ALL Your Guns! Here's The Proof

Join me on Notes

Is America Losing Its Heart And Soul?

DOJ Agrees to $144M Settlement in Sutherland Springs Shooting Civil Cases Alleging Background Check Negligence

Patrick Henry Revisited

Saying Out Loud What The Left Thinks About Conservatives AGAIN!

Honoring America's Brave Founding WOMEN Who Helped Create Our Country

After Giving Them Billions, The US Government Wants To Bail Out Moderna!

WHO EXACTLY Is Calling For Violence?

Modern Day Eugenics in America

Jane Fonda Says Out Loud What The Left is Thinking About Pro-Life Supporters

The History of Eugenics in America.

Terrified Chuck Schumer Violates First Amendment By DEMANDING Journalist Cease and Desist Exposing Jan. 6 Insurrection Fraud

Killing The Disabled in America Before They Are Born (And so it begins again)

Andrew Breitbart and the Practice of the Philosophy of "So?"

It Hit the Fan in Arizona! Where are the Journalists?

Children In Adult Bodies

Two Women Without Biology Degrees Defining a Woman

America is NOT a democracy!

Heads Up to Other Christian Denominations:

America's Judicial Activism Part II

Conspiracy Becomes Fact, AGAIN!

America's Judicial Activism

Constitutional Amendments for Those Who Lack Virtue

The Disarming of America


The Great Reset Agenda

How Education was Destroyed in America