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How The Legislative Branch Has Neutered Itself And Put Americans At The Mercy Of The Executive And Judicial Branches

Happy Father's Day

The Cowardly "Experts" Who Enable The Grooming And Transgender Assault On Children

More Miracles Surrounding the Early History Of America. The Big Question.. Have We Exasperated Our Patron?

For All Those Swearing At Biden Today..

Miraculous Events Occured Regarding America's Revolution And Its Founders

Did the Supreme Court Play A Major Part In Destroying Morality in America??

America's Judicial Activism Has Gone Off The Rails

Watch Nancy Pelosi Get Her Hat Handed To Her At A Debate At Oxford After Condemning Americans Clouded By 'Guns, Gays, God'

Thomas Paine, The Pen Behind The American Revolution

The Results And Ramifications Of Daring To Question Circumstances Surrounding The 2020 Election

Is The Deep State Mirroring The "1798 Sedition Act" Which Expired In 1801, That Punished Speech Or Writing Against The Government With Fines And Jail Time?

On April 19, 1775, Your Ancestors Finally Had Enough And The American Revolution Began

The Story Around The Writing Of The Declaration Of Independence

Knowing Your Allies And Enemies To Win The War. Hint: Your Enemy Is Anyone Who Wants To Take Your Life, Liberty Or Pursuit Of Happiness

America's Brave Founding WOMEN Who Helped Create Our Country

Revisiting What is a Woman? What is a Man?

American Exceptionalism. We Need To Remember We Are Capable Of Excellence

"White Rural Rage", Created Out Of Thin Air To Further Demonize And Divide Americans

"Christian Nationalists" The New Bogeyman Enemy Of The State Before The 2024 Presidential Election

Remembering The Great American Andrew Breitbart and the Practice of the Philosophy of "So?"

The Russian Collusion Delusion Continued. The Scheme By Terrified Obama And Crew To Cover Their Tracks With A "Look Squirrel" Plan to Destroy Trump, His Family And Associates

Look, Squirrel! The Deep State and their all too willing media sycophants distracting you from the stories they don't want you to notice.

Reiterating That All Roads Lead To Obama

Slavery Is Alive And Well And Americans Should Demand Reparations

"The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and SHALL PROTECT EACH OF THEM AGAINST INVASION"

All The Pearl Clutching About Saving Or Destroying "Our Sacred Democracy" When The U.S. Is ACTUALLY A Constitutional Republic!

Hunter Biden Gives The People's Representatives The Finger TWICE While The House Has The Constitutional Power To Arrest Him And Hold Him Till He Complies

In The Banana Republic Formerly Known As The United States, Will You Be Able To Choose A Presidential Candidate, Or Will You Be Thrown In Jail For Simply Doing So?

The Transition Integrity Project. The Step By Step Plan To Rig The 2020 Election